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The Tech Tour Healthtech Summit is the leading independent European event for investment into digital health and medtech growth companies, and will hold its next edition on the 26-27 of June, 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. 40 pre-selected growth stage companies in digital health and medtech will present to a group of over 200 investors, venture capital and private equity leaders, life science industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs for a chance to accelerate investment and generate deal flow within the European healthtech scene.

The last 4 previous editions of the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit have helped presenting companies raise over € 475 million, with the 2016 edition raising over € 36 million alone. Past presenting companies include Abionic, Aleva Neurotherapeutics, Apica Cardiovascular, Atlas Genetics, Biovotion, Calon Cardio, CeQur, Check Cap, Corwave, DermoSafe, Endomagnetics, G-Therapeutics, healthbank, Mainstay Medical, MindMaze, Miracor Medical Systems GmbH, MITRICARES, Nanolive, NeuroTronik, Newronika, Noona Healthcare, NUUBO (Smart Solutions Technologies), Pixium Vision, Precision Ocular, SamanTree Medical, SpineGuard, and TNI Medical.

Now in its 8th year, this edition is being led by Pierre Chauvineau, Vice President of Boston Scientific who said, “Over the next 20 years, the over 65-year-olds population in Europe will increase by 45%! Whilst money available in all major healthcare systems is flat or reducing. We are now also witnessing a consolidation and integration of insurers, purchasers, and suppliers. The Tech Tour 2017 Healthtech Summit is the ideal forum where Medtech, Digital Health, Diagnostics, corporates, start-ups, VCs and investors can openly understand, discuss, and debate market trends and review how the ecosystem is evolving to face these accelerated trends.

Programme highlights include:

  • CEO Growth Academy hosted by at the Biopôle in Lausanne, moderated by McKinsey & Company
  • CEO Special Event hosted by Pictet & Cie
  • The future of medtech revisited with corporate development leadersan investor-only roundtable hosted by the International Venture Club moderated by Steve Levin, Innovation in Medtech, including panellists Angelo De Rosa, Boston Scientific, Charity Kufaas, Medtronic Europe, and Richard Wilmot, Philips
  • “The data vision for health” keynote speech by Chris Llewellyn, McKinsey & Company
  • “Data for health – has the digital revolution just started?” panel discussion moderated by David Cassak, Innovation in Medtech, including panellists Alex Stoeckl, Creathor Venture, Tom Rodgers, McKesson HBOC, Francesca Wuttke, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Laurent Vandebrouck, Qualcomm Life
  • 40 company presentations in digital health, medtech and diagnostics
  • Elevator pitch session showcasing State of Vaud emerging healthtech companies
  • Fireside chat with Tech Tour Healthtech Summit success story companies
  • Introduction to CHUV Neurotech Projects including live demos by Prof. Ryvlin of CHUV
  • Global M&A, IPO and investment trends keynote speech by Olivier Garnier, Bryan, Garnier & Co
  • “Corporate development strategies to keep up with investor-backed scale ups” panel discussion with Pierre Chauvineau, Boston Scientific, and Charity Kufaas, Medtronic Europe
  • Keynote speech by Rob ten Hoedt, Executive VP & President EMEA, Medtronic

The full programme can be viewed here.

The Tech Tour 2017 Healthtech Summit will take place on the 26 of June, 2017 at Biopôle, on the 27 of June, 2017 at the SwissTech Convention Centre, and on 28 of June, 2017 at Biopôle/Aquatis Conference Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Gala Dinner will take place on the 27 of June, 2017 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Tech Tour 2017 Healthtech Summit is proudly supported by Pictet, State of Vaud, Bryan, Garnier & Co, Strammer, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Euronext, Biopôle, EPFL, Cukierman & Co Life Sciences, Health 2.0, the MedTech Strategist, and StartUp Health.

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