The CITIA Roadmap Conference - supported by ROCKIT

The second CITIA Roadmap Conference will take place on October 29 - 30 in Prague, Czech Republic.
The 2-days conference programme enables the exchange of ideas and networking among all stakeholders of the European Conversational Interaction Technologies ecosystem, among which SMEs and corporations, universities and research institutes European institutions, specialized media.
Included in the 2-days conference program:

  • Presentation of the CITIA/ROCKIT Roadmap. In this session we shall present and discuss the Roadmap for Conversational Interaction Technologies developed by the EU ROCKIT Action.  
  • Furthermore, Industry 4.0 "facilitates the vision and execution of the Smart Factory" will be discussed.  Natural and conversational interfaces can be the key to interaction with smart factories.  This session will explore the connections between conversational interaction and Factories of the Future.
  • Aligning the CITIA Roadmap with the META Strategic Agenda for the Multilingual Digital Single Market The integration of the connected Digital Single Market must address our languages: the Digital Single Market is a multilingual challenge.  
  • Finally, Aligning the CITIA Roadmap with the LT-Innovate Language Cloud, and issues relating to open architectures and standards.
  • Going forward:  multilingual interaction and analytics. The final session will discuss what actions we should take to further reinforce the relations between technologies for interaction, analytics, and translation, and how to develop future research and innovation activities in this rapidly developing area.This session will feature the drivers for enriched shared collaboration, including translating and augmented videoconferencing, design and creative collaborations, and multiplayer games.


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