The ECOLINK+ Club trans-regional event: Cleantech Central Europe Showcase on 21st September 2010 in Vienna (Austria), will promote eco-innovation in Central European region by bringing together the regional stakeholders in this field.
Innovation practitioners, policy makers as well as SMEs and industry experts will come together to network and discuss ways to enhance eco-innovation. A number of regional SMEs that are successful in eco-innovation industries will be showcasing their approach and their results in pursuing eco-innovation. In addition, the issues of how regions can support the emergence and growth of eco-innovative companies for example through clusters or regional support measures will be discussed.
Selected companies from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will have the possibility to join the ECOLINK+ Business Club which gathers the 100 best-performing eco-innovative companies at EU level.

The ECOLINK+ Club trans-regional event takes place in the Centrope Region. Centrope (Central European Region) is in the heart of Europe encompassing the border quadrangle between four European countries: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. It combines 6.5 million inhabitants, 4 countries, 9 provinicial capitals, 36 universities, more than 250.000 students, 8 UNESCO world heritage sites and 3 international airports. The high concentration of business oriented educational institutions plentiful skilled labour and the region's high level of economic growth make centrope a very promising region for business opportunities. More information: www.centrope.com

Lower Austria, Austria's largest province has been shaped by many factors: the Danube and wine, people and mysticism, culture and history. Visitors here are left with such a fascinating kaleidoscope of impressions that once they have been here, they always try and find a reason to return. The possibilities for holidays are so varied here: from bicycling and hiking in a variety of landscapes to art and culture to the Weinherbst, Niederösterreich's celebration of wine and autumn when the leaves turn and the wine is put in the cellards. No matter what time of year you come, you can be sure More information: www.niederoesterreich.at